Daria Vasilkova is the founder and head of the ART GROUP architectural bureau and the founder of the REDA interior products brand.

Together with the team, Daria has been implementing interior design projects since 2011, the main feature of which is daring design, design outside the framework and formalities, based on the personality of the customer and the creative vision of Daria. Often the final picture becomes an internal portrait of the customer. Working with space, non-standard color solutions, using recycle and antiques, decorating with modern art are the main principles of ART Group projects.

An important part of Daria's creativity is working on the REDA brand - a series of furniture and interior accessories using recycle materials. In his collections, the designer broadcasts the idea of a humanistic recycle - to see behind any product and subject not only the material, but also the person who is behind its creation, his work, work and time. The use of secondary materials by designers is a conscious attitude towards nature, respect for people and a healthy challenge to creative ambitions.

REDA collections are presented with modular sofas and chairs with removable covers made of old jeans and army tents; tables and dressers decorated with author's tiles and the remaining fragments of tiles, interior accessories and pillows of the Rusalki Family, made 100% of recycle materials: LEVI's jeans, army tents, old Pavloposad handkerchiefs, children's sliders, home knitting, etc.
  • Create a creative concept and brand promotion strategy
  • REDA Brand Promotion Concept and Strategy Developed
  • Research completed