Kids Universe

The brand "Kids Universe" creates products for children, where each item has its own function and place. The world of a child is the universe of a small person, and it is important to use the time competently so that the child can "survive" the information of the outside world, pass it through himself and be ready for new knowledge and experience. Everything he studies goes through personal emotional analysis, and it is at this moment that the child needs to have personal space - a place where he feels safe with his inner world.
The house is the respect of adults for the child, the acceptance of him as a person, as well as respect for his work, because creativity and play are priority in relation to education. Brand products, first of all, not for parents, but for children
For a little man, not just a house - but a whole world!

  • PR Support
  • Partner programs
  • Charity events with the foundation
  • Integration into thematic events to promote the brand
  • Technical Assignment for Company Presentation Development
  • Publication in the media Working Mama
  • Partnership with kids cafe Anderson
  • A series of charity events for the crisis center "Mother's House"
  • Integration into children's events: Maslenitsa in the Izmailovsky Kremlin and in the Shchelkovsky shopping center, Kids Fashion Awards, Presentation of the Zanna & nana premium brand collection
  • Collaboration with Instagram blogger art_detya