"Target Point" Grand Opening

On September 19, a press tour was held at the "Usadba Okhotnika" for journalists from federal, metropolitan and Moscow region publications who were interested in opening the most modern shooting complex in Russia, "Target Point".

More than 40 representatives of various media outlets came to visit the "Usadba Okhotnika", covering sports, design, construction, finance and, of course, rest and travel.

During the event, a tour of the territory of the "Usadba Okhotnika" was organized for the guests, after which the journalists "from and to" got acquainted with the infrastructure and full functionality of the shooting complex, and finally tested the entire arsenal available in the club.

The event ended with a press conference with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Okhotoved" LLC Yevgeny Veselov, General Director of the "Target Point" Shooting Club Alexei Larin, General Director of "Tire Stroy Montazh" Denis Bogorodetsky and developer of the design project of the shooting complex Elena Krylova.

Agency G organized all press conference.