DESIGN RE:VIEW with Elen Miroshkina

The evening of the last day of autumn was held in ARCHITECTOR (Ekaterinburg) in black and white. Stylish, tasteful and in great company of designers. The reason for the meeting was a lecture by an expert on monochrome intelligent interiors, Helen Miroshkina, as part of the DESIGN RE:VIEW project. The event was organized by the G International Communications agency together with the Design Mate platform for designers.

Helen Miroshkina spoke about the projects of her studio Geometrix Design, whose distinctive approach is characterized by a monochrome palette and parametric forms. It was a motivational lecture, a destroyer of barriers and professional fears, a lecture that inspired us to expand our own horizons. Guests got acquainted with unique works, endowed with a special meaning and reflecting the philosophy of their authors: do what you love, constantly look for something new, do not change your values ​​and do not ignore your deepest inner needs.

Geometrix has absolutely mesmerizing projects. DESIGN RE:VIEW guests were captivated by the complex and bold architectural volumes, futuristic concepts and charm of our wonderful speaker. Thank you, Helen!