Film "Why are you?." Production of the film company "A5 Studio."
The tape is based on the book "Kept Woman," by Alexander Prost. He also acted as a director and screenwriter. General producer - Alexander S. Tsypkin.

The genre of the film is erotic drama. The film is about living, carnal, passionate, sincere love.
She is a young ex-student Alla (actress Angelina Zagrebina), she needs money and the girl, under the influence of a youthful challenge, takes the path of a kept woman. At the same time, it does not cease to be itself: smart, charming, seductive, but not cloying.

He is a successful businessman Andrei (in his role Daniil Vorobyov) in his early forties, a husband and a caring father of two children, while the "buyer" of female love without obligations, for a long time or at once - as it turns out. Outwardly a little cynical, "Volchara," as the heroine calls him to herself. Inside - a person with a deep inner request for sincerity in a relationship, a search for a woman equal in personality, who will respond to him both soul and body, this is how people are arranged.
Quite quickly realizing that a real feeling came to them, the heroes do not immediately admit this to themselves. Outwardly, the relationship is also frivolous and, it would seem, unpromising: not the time, not the place, and Andrei has a family. But both Andrei and Alla still cannot resist him. How will they do: will they give up their feelings to please the cliches accepted in society or will they be honest with themselves, with loved ones and let love bloom?

There is a lot of passion in the film and, it seems, an animal principle through which the heroes find and find spiritual things - they find love and their own person. "An unambiguously provocative picture that not everyone will accept. This is not the video that will help pass the evening, "says the leading actress Angelina Zagrebina.

Alexander Prost admits that he sought to show only genuine feelings, a dramatic combination of extreme frankness with touching tenderness. Did he succeed? The ending of the film is open, and the viewer will find the answers himself.

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